Wat a breathtaking game!

User Rating: 8.5 | Deus Ex PS2
I had this game on pc and didn't realy get into it. The graphics looked dodgy and then i got rid of it for about $10 which i later regreted. I had my nan by me this from a bargin bin one day when i was round there and i just got bored one day and played it and loved it! The first level was great! I decided too do it strategicly instead. It was brilliant. Yeah the graphics are bollocks but the gameplay and storyline are top notch. This is a must have for all hard core gamers. But get the pc verstion for online play aswell. The sound is preety good, the voice acting was a bit nifty but the gun noices and other sounds are preety good. The skills you could customise was great. You could basicly customise everything on the game. This is definatly worth it for about $6 or more.