Extremely problematic framerate

User Rating: 6 | Deus Ex PS2
The only reason anyone should buy this game is if they don't have a pc that was made after the year 2000 when deus ex was released on the pc. the reason being that the framerate and graphics on the ps2 version are horrible. the graphics were already bad on the pc verision, but now they look worse and consistently run at a crappy framerate. the controls and interface have also been dumbed down for the ps2 controls. all that aside, deus ex is still an awesome game with a great story and fun gameplay. sadly, the graphics and framerate do take a lot away from an otherwise enjoyable experience. if you don't have a computer, go ahead and pick up deus ex for the ps2, you can find it used for under 10 bucks. on the other hand, if you do have a computer, definately get the game for that platform. the graphics look sharper, run smoother, and the interface is a huge step up from the one found on the ps2.