The greatest game of its time

User Rating: 9.8 | Deus Ex PS2
Ok ok, it did come out it 2002 so the graphics are hardly PS3 standard but there amazing compared to the games they made 5 years ago.think Half Life without aliens and more cyborgs and robots and enough weapons to make the terminator cry for Merci.You are JC Denton, A state of the art cyborg working for an anti-terrorist organisation called UNATCO or something like that, Depending on how well you do in mission tasks effects the games ending.You are able to upgrade JC with, well upgrade points from progressing in missions or exploring dangerous areas.For example, one of you upgradable skills is hacking, this can help you in many ways from shutting off cameras to breaking into innocent peoples bank accounts and nabbing there hard earned cash to spend on new weapons or armour.
You are able to use just about anything as a weapon including a sword that looks like a lightsaber.At the very beginning of the game, your brother runs up to you and offers you a choice of 3 weapons, A sniper rifle, A GEP gun ( futuristic rocket launcher thing ) and i think the other one is an assault rifle or i might be a shotgun?i cant remember.Anyway, i would highly recommend buying this, go down to game and you can probably find it in most bargain bins for £10 or less. I have had my copy for about 2 years and i still haven't completed it, Its not my favorite game so i don't always play it but you will get a good 20+ hours.