Deus Ex: The Conspiracy Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Keep items and weapons after detainment

    When the screen says Area Unknown, Time Unknown press square and drop all of your items, and pick them up after a few seconds. Must be exact on timing.

  2. Speed/Slow down credits.

    To speed the credits up, press up on the d-pad, and to slow them down, press down on the d-pad.

  3. Alternate Endings

    Your actions during the game will determine which of the three different endings you will attain. Here are the ways to get each:

    Code Effect
    Merge with Helios by deactivating the uplink locks on the Aquinas Router; do not kill Bob Page or destroy the Aquinas Router. Helios - "Merge With Helios"
    Kill Bob Page by shutting down his defense and life support systems; do not merge with Helios or destroy the Aquinas Router. Morgan Everette - "Join Illuminati"
    Destroy the Aquinas Router by shutting down the reactor coolant system; do not kill Bob Page or merge with Helios. Tracer Tong - "New Dark Age"
  4. God Mode

    Code Effect
    Press SELECT during the game, Press L2,R2,L1,R1,START,START,START to unlock GOD MODE God Mode

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