User Rating: 7 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
This game is a disappointment. After upgrading my computer so it would run well, and getting used to the frustrating interface, I was finally able to focus on the game itself. Gameplay - 7 - There's just not much here. The weapons are unexceptional. The RPG system has been streamlined to near-nonexistence. Running around and talking to people is fun, and getting conflicting goals and having to choose is fun - for a while. But once you leave the second level (Cairo, Egypt), the game loses a lot of that and becomes extremely linear and straightforward until the final branch at the end. Graphics - 8 - The game makes use of some rendering techniques that are new and will become common in the future, but they do so without enhancing the gameplay. Very few light sources can be destroyed, and there is little reason for doing so, so all that fancy lighting eats up CPU cycles for nothing. Also, a lot of time the lighting seems to affect the level differently than the people and objects in the level, so it doesn't feel like everything is inhabiting the same space. Sound - 7 - Okay. I liked some of the riffs on the original Deus Ex theme. The stuff by the Kidney Thieves wasn't bad. But nothing really stood out. Value - 6 - This game can be beaten in a weekend. (Really. I just did it.) The four endings give you a reason to replay the last level a few times to see everything, but other than that the replay value is low. Reviewer's Tilt - 7 - This game is the definition of mediocre. It's unexceptional in every way save one - it's the sequel to Deus Ex. It's sad that such a great game got such a rote, mediocre sequel.