Great game that needed some polishing to be spectacular.

User Rating: 8.2 | Deus Ex: Invisible War XBOX
I never played the original Dues Ex, so I had no preconceived ideas of what the game should be when I first played it. It was a title I hadn't heard of, but I was bored and it looked decent. I was quickly immersed in the game, and I really like the biomod aspect of the game. It allows you to alter the character to fit your style of playing, but it also requires you to make some challenging decisions about how you will play. The number of upgrades that you can perform are sufficient so that you are not permanently locked into an upgrade if you don't like it, but not so abundant that the decisions of what upgrades to make are not important. It is just a really balanced system that adds another level of freedom to the game.

The graphics are good, sound is good, and physics is alright, but the physics can be extremely unrealistic at times. This is only a minor drawback, but it is still noticeable.

I was not impressed by the storyline. I was actually very confused by it. I imagine that this is because I didn't play the original Dues Ex, but I am disappointed that at the end of the game I still didn't really know what I was fighting for. The multiple endings are kinda interesting, but nothing more. They really don't show much of anything, so they were a bit disappointing. I was also disappointed at the ease of changing the ending (I simply saved at the beginning of the last level and replayed it 4 times for the different endings). The factions are set up in such a way that you are supposed to be faced with difficult moral decisions (or at least that was what it seemed the developers were going for), but since you can change factions at any point in the game right up to the last level, there really isn't any kind of decision. Personally, I found the factions to be more annoying than anything. There was so much effort put into each faction trying to recruit you that the story was completely lost. By the end of the game, I knew everyone was trying to use me for something, but still couldn't figure out what.

Ultimately, since you can just replay the final level to get all the different endings, there isn't a lot of replayability. I have played through the game completely twice, but I had to wait about a year between games because it just isn't a game that draws you back to it. It is a great game in a lot of ways, and it is fun to play through, I recommend getting this (I've seen used copies for $5 at EB Games). It would also be a good game to rent, since it isn't a game that you're likely to want to play over and over and over.