Great sport game

Wii Sports is a great sport game. It includes tennis,baseball,bowling,golf,and boxing.It lets you use your miis you have made on your mii channel.It has great control,and is highly interactive.Its a great family game,and is easy to learn the controls.You can take a daily fittness test that tells you you fittness age.There are also mini games where you can train for each of the sports.It has good graphics,and comes with most Wiis.There are 9 differnt holes for golf,3 easy, 3 normal,and 3 hard.You will need the wii nunchuck to play boxing. Bowling,golf,and tennis are up to 4 players,and boxing,and baseball are up to 2 players.There are a few bad things about this game In base ball you don't control the fielding in baseball,there are only three uinnings in baseball,and it gets boring if you play it to much.But Wii Sports is an over all good game.