While other metroid titles are landmarks in the industry, Metroid Prime Corruption sets a new standard for shooters.

"Sir, a space pirate cruiser has just appeared from some sort of wormhole," Says a galactic federation guard near the beginning. Gaming's first lady returns, and it couldn't have looked or played better. Ever. The adventure begins as Samus Aran is invited to a galactic ferderation meeting on their big and awesome mothership. You begin in the cockpit of your ship, where you have to tinker with the controls for a while to finally enter the mothership. This immediatly immerses you in the amazingly realistic ways that Corruption uses the Wii Remote. Once aboard the G.F.S. Olympus, you must do a weapon calibration test, recharge, and save. I'm not going to spoil any more.

When you first step out of your ship, the first thing you notice is how well the Wii Remote works as a gun arm. The game is sure to make it as if you have a gun arm right from the start. When you reach the big battle on norion (sorry, a little spoiler there) you get what I find the coolest and most responsive use of the Wii Remote, the grapple lasso. It feels really natural, ripping a lock off a door or a shield off an enemy.

I may be sounding like the Wii Remote makes everything so realistic (which it does) the other key factor to how immersive the game is would have to be the graphics, (which don't even use high definition!) It almost feels like you are actually talking to hunter Rundas or beating the tar out of dark Samus.

It's also great to see voice acting in the series too. Though Samus stays mute, it's great hearing all those cool Star Wars-esque troops talk to you when you are in the middle of a huge battle.

I have seen some good games in the past, and this is one of them. I can't wait for a new metroid series to come out, assuming it's like this one. This is one sci-fi shooter you don't want to miss. So if you find a Metroid stuck to your face tomorrow morning, don't say I didn't warn you.