This is basically an interactive movie.

I want to start off by saying... O.M.F.G. So much hype about this game, so I thought it was overrated, and didn't even want to try it. I beat the first game and it was fun and exciting BUT! this tops the series off.
Once I started the game I was like meh, its allll right... but then i kept playing and I honestly couldn't put it down, I had troubles sleeping because i wanted to pick it up again to finish it.
The graphics, cinematics, gameplay, sound, voice acting (which is hard to find in a game these days) are all SUPERB.
Once you beat the game, it sucks... thats the only thing about the game i hate, it makes you want to play more!
The Multiplayer does come in with simple online gaming, but addicting gaming, you can also do some co-op and such... overall perfect game.
One last thing is the DLC makes the game last longer, so your ready for Uncharted 3 (all hope that they make it, don't see why not, but lets all pray they do!)