Confined, linear, wooden, empty sad little game.

User Rating: 6 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
I have started replaying DE:IW for the second time out of curiosity "perhaps it ages well with a little time?", I thought, and I am bored to tears allready. The first time I played through it was some years ago and I completed it, tried out all the endings possible and felt like it was a boring unatmospheric game then, just as I do today.

The most important thing to do when making a game is to have something pretty interesting to do right at the start to get your player base salavating for more. THis game falls flat on its face. Sure the Tartus academy gets invaded and then you have the apartment blocks to deal with but it does not feel like Deus Ex at all.It is brightly lit for one and 2, there is not much in the way of alternate routes, hidden stuff to find out and even more importantly, there is nothing to learn about yourself.

You are told to shut up and just follow orders, and even the slight sense of "I can rebel here", is crushed by the fact there is only 1 way out of the Academy, and that goes through the biomod area anyway so why bother? Even the facts about your family being killed is so flatly delivered and has no substance, leaves me not caring for my own characer....what sort of game is that?

As you progress you feel like the world is empty and character-less with nobody you really give a damn about, anybody you are meant to remotely care for is so wooden it has no impact on you. The levels are full of boring locations, isolated enviroments with a 'VIRTUAL TEST ROOM' feel to it, the weapons have no kick and feel like Start Trek tasers, extremely limited character customisation options throught the whole's actually very very bad and I won't play it anymore, i Just depressed myself.