If you havent played the original game then you think its a great, game BUT compared to the first this game is a joke!

User Rating: 6.5 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
I am not kidding play the first deux ex the story is amazing in terms of conspiracy this one story is a joke is just like putting a cheap actor in sequel movie to undo the first movie's main actor job and mostly do nothing more than screw around, in a failure to capture the magic of the first game i do understand that you haven played the first but i can easily say that this game is a joke a rip off with 0% hate it a joke am not say IT SUCKS am saying is just like the designers are kidding with us, eg we waited all those years for this duh that short are you kidding me so take me seriously and read to find out why the previous is far better!

First of all the game crashes in new machines so save often, now in case you dont know deus ex is a game that takes place in the future with fps rpg mixture dualogies and missions also the ability to make choices on diifirent way to play to choose factions or a different outcome BUT in the previous game you had skills weapons medic locpick electronics and you collect exp to use them to upgrade in invisible war there no skillpoints so no weapon innacuracy no upgrade you just shoot and enemis shoot you few shots and you are dead so open the inventory pause the game and heal yourself unlike deus ex 1 shot to the head is not lethal and weaponss dont look cool or use different ammo types like armor perceing or grenades ALL THE WEAPONS USE THE SAME AMMO, so you got a pistol a sniper rilfe a rocket laucher an smg a shotgun ALL USE THE SAME AMMO, what kinda stupid crap is this in a game that relies on freedom? in the previous you using diffirent weapons but not to save ammo in deus ex you use staff like flashbang grenades or emp grenades to disable robots to save ammo because the amount of ammo you spent is too high and you get too low so the game doesnt relly in combat, unlike deus ex the upgrades you use dont upgrade like ammo capacity or range or accuracy but do stuff like silencer glass distabilazier and ammo scavanger or emp convertor!

Mainly deus ex is a game that rellies in dialogues joining factions abd looking for people the story of the game however is a joke compared to deus ex not a recommended game for story, so you just go form small level to small level and talk to people to get missions, in any case levels are small simple and take ages to load at least in 2003 just imagine the time they need!

deus ex allows you to do stuff like disabling an assault bot with a emp grenade or using one of your hacking augmentations to use it against them or destroy it,or ou can choose a different infiltration method like a shaft or to climb or avoid the camera sneak behind a guard and take him out with a silenced weapon or a electric prod, but compared to the bigger and better levels of deux ex, eg in deus ex you could choose to either:

1blow up a door
3find the key
4use the keypad if you know the code
5hack the keypad with a multitool
6find a computer and use the login and password to open the door
7 hack the computer and do the same or use the defense turrets against your enemies

and so on it goes use shield power or turn insvisble form enemies or off robot and camera radar undettected or healing and outher stuff!

BUT in invisible war you dont have explosive grenades that you can s stick in the walss as mines or demo charges you dont have to use the lockpick or multitool there is only one multitool it opens doors and hacks at the same time, also no skill levels that change the amount of mutlitools you use or the effectivenes of you weapons its just crap, and unlike deus ex 1 YOU CANT TYPE AND SAVE YOUR ONE MESSAGES KEYPAD NUMBERS DONT GET SAVED IN LOGS SCREEN AND YOU CANT TAKE YOU ON NOTES, thats right in deus ex if you didnt know the password to a pc or the number for a keypad you coult try typing but invisible war, your only option on an atm is to hack it not type login and password and take the amount of money you want form that account, so either you know the code and press use on it or hack it, much less freedom than the original also you jsut move in cities but the levels an music are not that good as deus ex!

SO deus ex has: better story better levels better music much longer more options and choices to make more freedom more stuff to do!

Finnaly if you liked this one stop right know what you do and get deus ex i mean eight now its 10000 times better propably the best fps ever, this one is a joke compared to the original!