Total let down to fans.

User Rating: 4.5 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
A sequel to a game like Deus Ex should really be geared toward the fans of the series. And considering the first game was a commercial success, it's hard to understand why this one was dumbed down so much. For me, the problems far outweigh any positives. When you first start the game it seems as though it will be a worthy successor. The graphics are rather well done and the sound design much better than the first game. As soon as you exit your apartment the action starts and you can easily be drawn in. It's after the "training" level that you realize this is a very different game. While the overhauled Biomod system works better than the original (allowing you to swap out unwanted mods) the skill system from the first game is gone all together. i don't understand the point of this personally, as it would be nice to increase your proficency with multitools (the games lockpicks for either doors or computers) or the weapons you use. The targeting system in the game is too clunky feeling and can't be adjusted causing you to waste ammo. This is made worse by the fact that all weapons in the game use the same ammo! If you find yourself in a jam with several enemies and use up all your ammo, it's up the creek for you unless you run away to dumpster dive in the games claustrophobicly small cities for more clips. Another serious problem in relation to the first game is that the plot is paper thin and at points doesn't make sense. About halfway through the game (only five hours or so) you are told to meet up with the legendary JC Denton from the original adventure... but why? Your character has no reason to be interested, and up until that point in the game he isn't even mentioned except by random snippets in books or news terminals. Furthermore, there is also no REAL consequence to the decisions you make in the game, as at a certain point it all comes together and you play down the same path no matter what. Without the enthralling story, charm, or even passable combat of the first game, all you're left with is a typical shooter who's only purpose was to look good at the time of its release.