User Rating: 9.2 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
Great graphics. I like the voice acting better than the original game. More of a FPS than an RPG, so instead of having a character with skills, it is the players own skills that matter most. Same type of gameplay as first game, although some may not like the fact that they have made the game easier to interact with. For example you don't need to remember keycodes, you just have to find them, and the same applies for passwords and logins. I think the game can be too difficult if you have no ammo, or bio energy for that matter, which is precisely the situation I was in when I reached the second level (Mako buildings). I would have to say that this is a genuine fault of the unified ammo system, as you cant just pick up a dropped weapon to get more ammo. What I am saying is in every other game, if you pick up a weapon of the same type you are carrying you will inherit the ammo from the gun. However in Invisible War you will pick up another gun, so it is quite possible to hold 3 pistols and have no ammo to use them, even if you pick up a fourth. This is a major fault in the game simply because ammo is very hard to come by, there are no ammo shops so you have to try and find discarded ammo basically. Having said all that, I think the game is a winner, and I think it's worth pointing out that the demo is completely non-representative of the final game. I'd go as far as to say that Eidos made a mistake in releasing a demo for this game as it would have sold on the success of the first game, much like Vice City did with respect to Grand Theft Auto 3. A lot of people are going to play that demo and be put off the game, when the demo level is nothing like the similar level in the game, especially if you have the Euro version of the US version patched to 1.2 Go and buy this game now, but just dont expect and RPG like with the original, this is FPS all the way and a good one at that. Keep an open mind!