User Rating: 7 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
Made for consoles and disappointing in every way: I like console games but there are already enough of those to buy. The orginal Deus Ex had several flaws, but it what it did well was very well done. The original offered a big world with lots of different ways to achieve goals. You had to make hard choices about which upgrades you wanted because it was impossible to get all of them. It was fun to navigate through the large levels and the little interactive details everyhwere were great. The sequel has small levels (sometimes really small) and you can get any ability you want. I can't speak for everyone who really liked the first game, but to me the sequel removed just about everything I liked in the first game. It feels rushed to market. This game should have never been on the XBOX if they were going to simplify every aspect of the orginal PC game.