User Rating: 6.9 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
Disappointment. That pretty much sums up my opinion of DX:IW. I'm a huge fan of the original DX, it's one of the games on my short list of "never uninstall" programs. Deep gameplay, exciting and tense levels... it was fantastic. DX:IW has none of that. What should have been an improved game across the board failed to even hold ground! From the start, it's obvious that this game was developed primarily for the Xbox, with the PC version as almost an afterthought, an all too common situation these days (Pirates of the Caribbean, anyone?). The levels, while they are full of interactive objects and little nooks and crannys to explore, are tiny small, almost claustrophobic. This leads to frequent level loading, which breaks up the continuity completely. I could stand that, if the level loading didn't take 30 seconds or more and drop me back to desktop for a few seconds each time. Why such tiny levels? Xbox probably couldn't handle more. No localized damage, one kind of ammo for every gun you have, only 12 inventory slots (jeez, that's a bit ridiculous folks!), weapons that seem to do very little damage to AI enemies, requiring the equivilent of emptying the clip into them, long loading times, poorly implemented stealth gameplay... there's a lot to be angry about with this game. On the plus side, the graphics and sound are fantastic! The plot is pretty good, and it's not an unfun game. On the contrary, it's pretty fun to play. But it should have, could have been so much more and so much better. What we have here is a pale imitation of what the sequel to the finest shooter ever made should have been, all because it was dumbed down to accomodate the bloody console market.