User Rating: 1 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
I have to admit to loving Deus Ex 1. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of IW's and was very pleased when the game arrived. What is NOT pleasing is to find that the game will NOT run on my sys. I have the following: Dell P4 1.7 512 Ram 120 GB WD HD Direct X9b Asus Geforce MX 128mg Gfx Card (there is the prob) This game should state as should the reviewr that anyone with an MX card will not be able to play this game. Having posted at the DE forums on Ion Storm, there is zero help or support on the way. The advice, go buy a decent gfx card and stop trying to play it on a crap card. Well the crap card plays every single other game I have (I run an online games mag so we have a whole raft of games come in) but due to no pixel shader support will not run this game. The fact that there is no OPTION for this seems a huge oversight, given how popular these cards are. PA