User Rating: 8.3 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
Deus Ex: Invisible War has gotten a lot of bad publicity from fans of the original Deus Ex. While I would have to agree that IW does not live up to the original in many ways, it is a worthy sequel (I should note that I played with the 1.1 patch from the start). One problem for Ion Storm is that IW displays the problems early. Things like universal ammo and the inventory system where you can trade a flare for a flamethrower could have (should have?) been better. But you have to take some chances when you develop a new game. While in this case, some of the chances didn't pan out so well, the final test of any game is simple - is it fun? Does it have the ability to capture you in its world for a several hours? With IW, the answer, at least for me, was a resounding yes. It brought back a lot of good memories from the original Deus Ex, particularly at the end. Deus Ex never allowed you to customize your character to the extent that System Shock 2 did, so I was not expecting that IW would either. What I was expecting, and received, was the chance to complete assignments in many different ways and to be able to influence how the game ended (of course, you have to play each scenario just to see what the results are). Simply, if you are looking for something with a little more story and characterization than your average first-person shooter (say XIII?) and with more action and control than a normal RPG (say KOTOR?), you will have a blast with Invisible War. If it seems to start slow for you, just remember to give it a little time - you will be glad you did.