User Rating: 7.6 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
If you're looking for the same experience you had in Deus Ex, then play Deus Ex. The reason player reviews are so low for Deus Ex: Invisible War is because people had their hopes set too high, and too narrow. Deus Ex was such a ground-breaking and fresh experience that it left almost too much of an impression on its gamers, and they were looking for a duplicate experience. It's not here. However, in it's own right, Deus Ex: Invisible War is an enthralling, entertaining, and enjoyable experience. The graphics, sounds, dialogue and the story itself are top-notch. My most enjoyable moment was listening to the Bums in the Unatco Ruins discuss the same Lemon-Lime soda which Gunter hated so much. My only complaint is with the size of the areas: they are TINY, and the constant loading from moving between areas really deters from the overall experience. This game is also much shorter than the first, although the ability to play from both the viewpoint of a male and female Alex D., and the separate faction missions, allows for some replay.