User Rating: 3.5 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
The graphics are mediocre, sound is mediocre with really bad voice actors and lipsink is way off. If that is not bad enough, the game is extremely buggy and runs horrible on even the most high end machines which is not due to taxing on the processor or graphics card, but bugs instead. Saves are even bugged where you go to save your game and it crashes to desktop during the saving process, which you loose your save at the same time. They didn't even add a quicksave and quickload hotkey which should be standard for any single player FPS or RPG which ever you look at Deus Ex as being. They should have never released a game as un-finished due to bugs as Deus Ex: Invisible War is. My suggestion, don't buy it for a few months till maybe they might get the bugs fixed, or don't buy it at all, your not missing much except for maybe a headache!