User Rating: 8 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
I wrote this review in response to the supposed "defective" product. Turn down the resolution for a smoother frame rate and enjoy a great game! Before purchasing the game listen to the interviews on Gamespot. Deus Ex is cutting edge technology. (Also note that there is an Nvidia representative in the interview NOT ATI.) This means the BEST hardware is required to play. Intel is a good processor, but let's face it, it IS NOT the GAMERS CPU. You can't beat the AMD Athlon XP/Nvidia Nforce chipset/Nvidia GPU combination. AMD and Nvidia have great relations and have open communications between their R&D departments. (Check out AMD corporate news at ATI is not American designed it's Canadian. Xbox is Nvidia based (to keep American engineers working) so guess what Ion Storm is going to design a game got it Nvidia. (The best in my humble opinion and American designed.) You get what you pay for. Yes I had to turn down my resolution to 800 x 600 so the frame rate would be steady. Worth it to play the game? ....YES! I am presently using a Geforce 4 TI 4200 8x AGP, Giga-byte motherboard with the Nforce 2 ultra chipset, and AMD Athlon XP 2800. I state this now that this game for PC is a system hog. It will tax your system. It's the dynamic lighting used in the game. Turn off that antivirus running in the background or anything else. According to my phone conversation with Nvidia my next graphics card upgrade will have to the Geforce FX 5950 Ultra to see better performance because my present graphics card is about equal to the GeForce FX 5700. I also highly recommend for gamers on the next motherboard upgrade to have tne Nforce chipset designed to better communicate with an Nvidia GPU on the AGP slot. If you own an ATI, I guess you're stuck with a ViaTech chipset. All Well price you have to pay I guess. Don't get me wrong ATI makes a good graphics board, I just want my system to stay compatible with the latest technology for as long as possible. But do turn down your resolution and enjoy a great game.