User Rating: 1 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
A SCORE OF 1?? AM I CRAZY?? No, But I am crazy for paying 45 dollars for something that is obviously incomplete and needs a patch at release. I’m a big Fan of Eidos Interactive and the Deus Ex series, but this is not acceptable and I don’t appreciate it :| The reason I gave it a 1 is because I can’t play this game, it crashes too much. During the times I can play it crawls. I have a P4 3 gig CPU and a Radeon 9800PRO AND my system was just reformatted a week ago with all the newest available drivers for all my components. So you see I know what I’m talking about when I say this game is unfit for the PC. I played the XBOX version and I am jealous. It seems more attention was given to people who buy XBOX titles then the "idiots" (?) who pay for PC games. This game in its current state reminds me of when Unreal Tournament 2003 came out. Just like DX2:IW, the “.ini” files made many references to XBOX. Why you ask? Because it’s a port, that’s why. What happened to Ut2k3? Well, I’ve never seen a community get so upset (sorta like the DX community). The amount of flaming that went on in Epics forums, omg, was amazing (sorta like now on the Eidos forum). Epic eventually had to release many patches and over 250 MBs of add-on just to make it into a proper PC game (the way it should have been from the start). So you may be an XBOX owner reading this review and wonder if you should get DX2:IW for your console, I say by all means. It's a sure bet you'll enjoy it with no problems what so ever. As for you PC users, I would wait a few months. Too many people are experiencing erratic problems with this game to recommend purchasing it at this time. I’d wait for a few patches, or wait till it lowers in price. Thanks for reading me thoughts, Good day :)