This game is the only one I know with a story/grafix/action/brain that surpases the HALF LIFE series. Keep them comming!

User Rating: 10 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
With a story worth of a book and a series of movies. All the action of the world. Multiple choices of gameplay as well as endings. Travel around different worlds that make complete sense, interacte with everyone. Make friends or just kill them. There are no words to describe it.... Every element in the game is something you can interact with, brake things, grab them, eat them, drink them (out your own accord). There is a story behind every major weapon. Upgrade bionic self as the game goes with legal and illegal mods that make the gameplay even more fun. The story is utter realistic, something you can see yourself happening just as described. Play this game! you have to! Do not walk around calling yourself a gamer without knowing what Deus Ex is. The story, the fun, BUY IT NOW!!!!