This game turned out to be better than what i expected. The gameplay and story will have you guessing all the time.

User Rating: 9 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
Where to begin haha. The graphics were really good, the people looked crisp, and the effects looked legit. At first playing, the cinematic scenes proved to hype up the mood. The cinematic scenes also brought out so much emotions and realism to the game, that it had you thinking about it when you turned it off. Various times i felt kinda lost within the missions, and asked myself what the hell i was doing. But every game has its little slips, right? The enemies proved to be a challenge but certain times the AI could have been a little bit smarter to the sounds they hear. For example, if i opened the door next to a security guard, they wouldn't hear it, but would hear when i jumped into the vents(which were farther away). The freedom to choose how you want to complete a objective became a unique part of the game. It allowed more freedom and less of a strict story mode by having primary and secondary objectives.
Overall the Deus Ex: Human Revolution is worth all the money and will prove to keep you wanting to play and never put the controller down. Story will have you guessing and shocked with an absolutely shocking ending.