Outstanding, Simply Outstanding

User Rating: 9.5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
THIS is the type of game that makes you Glad you just dropped $60 (plus tax)!. Excellent AI, real time savepoints, multiple side missions, multiple ways to proceed on missions (stealth, strength, or both), relevant upgrades that themselves can affect how you proceed through the game, robust storylines, and what HAS to be one of the best DLC inserts into a game I have ever played. Anyone who made it to the docks new immediately they were going to buy the DLC for the missing hours and the escape. Hidden passages, hidden paths, hidden agenda's, this game was great. It is a prime example of how to explode expectations from the game preceding it. My only reasons for not giving a perfect 10? Waaaaay to much pointless hacking. Seriously, the rewards/rewards points were not nearly worth the effort, but at the same time, you're afraid not to so as not to miss something big. Another is having to just trip over some random character that could open up some major side mission reward. It became much too tedious to talk to 'everybody' and hack 'everything', a definite drag on the game. But it satisfied every thing you'd want in a game of this type, using brute force or stealth, or both, a storyline you have to pay attention to to get full brunt of the game, and well rendered and creative environment to play in.