Deus Ex Human Revolution may have been over hyped, but a lot is still there to enjoy.

User Rating: 8.5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
Deus Ex Human Revolution

The year is 2027 and the next step in the evolutionary cycle for humans have taken hold. You play as Adam Jensen, a security officer employed by Serif Industries, a biotech company specializing in human augmentation. Serif's headquarters is based in Detroit which is a place that is loaded with political strife and an uneven balance of power amongst its residents. To some, human augmentation is welcomed. While others have to live with the consequences of forced augmentation such as pain, drug addiction, and violent crimes against them by those who do as they wish.

An unexpected attack on Serif Industries puts Adam at the brink of death. Augmentation technology was used to save him but changed him forever. Six months later questions are being asked and Adam is called upon to find the answers that lead him down a twisted path of deception and conspiracy which takes him around the world.

Deus Ex Human Revolution projects a futuristic atmosphere with enclaves of territorial gangs and those in the resistance to Human Augmentation. Unfortunately the cities feel more lifeless than expected. You do get to talk to the residents but hardly anything is gained. Jensen does travel a bit in this game but, again the locations look eerily familiar. Gameplay is first-person with a smooth natural cover system. Weapons and consumables are plentiful you just have to manage your inventory closely. There is an option to play wide open with guns blazing or to play a more stealthier game which does increase the tension level.

The story is not very strong but there are enough hints and missions to make you want to know why Serif was attacked. The side quests do try to bring a little more life into the story but fall short. The graphics are sharp, flat, and monotone all at the same time. Most of the missions are played inside very similar looking buildings. Even when you're outside it feels like you're inside. Deus Ex does have a variety of ways to be played so the graphics are somewhat over looked. Upgrading your augmentations and gaining experience points are essential to successfully completing the game.

Even though Deus Ex did not meet all expectation, this game still offers a lot to contend with. At some points in the game a challenge does arise but it can be overcome. Buy, play, and enjoy.