Ok-ish but over so so quickly.

User Rating: 7.5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link PC
As a big fan of the series and the main Human Revolution I guess I was expectation lots more of the same but even better.
I was mildly disappointed. This DLC was over in no time and I easily beat it on Hard. Also its only set in one place a prison/lab ship so I missed the variety, exploration and discovery that the original has.
Still plenty of choices in where to spend your praxis points (you set a whole bunch near the start so there is no slow build up like the original). What I would have liked would have been to either carry over my finished original game hero with all my lovingly upgraded kit or to start afresh but I suppose from the sort of mid game event stage that the DLC takes place (the stasis pod) that's wasn't going to happen.
Still lots of tension and intensity about the game and I was getting more and more tense as I approached the end of the game and the expectancy of taking on the big boss without all the shiny modded kit I had in the original.
I need not have worried as there wasn't much of a boss and I sort of feel cheated that the game ended so easily. I played almost all the game stealthily with silent take downs which I think made things easier.
All in all only 7.5 from me, just not enough game time to be had here.