Metal gear solid sons of liberty, Rainbow six vegas 2, ghost in shell, results in a game called dues ex human revolution

User Rating: 8.5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
Story: Dues ex human revolution's story has some linage towards dues ex 2 but only slightly, u'll encounter this character at the beginning cgi just as you would in half-life series infamous man encounters, but only at beginning and at the end of credits.

Apart from that it's hard to really find any relation apart from game dynamics in recent series of dues ex. however story's same but share's no connection. while Adam jensens like glue with out him human revolution would simply be revelations.

Game play:Game play mimics rainbow six vegas 2 in strong presence, at times you would become accustomed to this game dynamic since it's rarely implemented in fps games. Missions feel like "metal gear solid sons of liberty" reason why i state this is because level design closely mimics it design and level wise. Reason why i brought "ghost in shell" in this topic is because story plays down a similar path. a female special forces cop with cybernetic implants works for special division similar to Adam jensen, some may disagree but that fits the bill.

Sound:Absolutely brilliant, and most crisp interesting gun sounds iv'e seen to date,
love how guns reload sounds so sharp and believable.

Graphics:Well this is by far most polished game iv'e seen since "crysis" it's as clean and fresh as crysis 2, maybe even better who knows. but by far the robotic cubes is by far my favourite thing in game. if you get chance and spot dam thing transform from cube-robot and watch each joint each part you'll be mesmerized on quality of detail, this games so polished it's hard finding design errors seriously.


Pros:Most polished game iv'e ever seen, sounds ultra crisp, guns are ultra realistic, engaging dynamic game play, really interesting challenges, lovely world to explore, interesting tak-downs

Cons:facial animation seems bad but strangely if installing game can somehow improve it, hacking becomes tedious and boring, ai is really strange especially later on in game best you find out for your self?,

Final thoughts:Good game but if you can get it cheaper check out playasia there selling for 49.95 best of luck.