The revolution will not wait for you.

User Rating: 9 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
So Deus Ex:Human revolution has finally arrived, and it did not disappoint. A difficult, and that is putting it mildly. This game does not hold your hand. But it sure feels worth it.
A challenge of a game, with great, interesting characters, game play, gun fights, story, and tech.
First a warning:Be prepared to use a lot of stealth. You can't just run into a room with guns blazing. If there is more than one guard, you will die. So be patient, key word, patient.

Stealth, and hacking will be a big at the start of the game. After wards you can do just about whatever you want, but stealth will always be a major key throughout the game.

I really did enjoy this game. I will admit there were quite a few moments where I nearly threw down my controller in a fit of rage. And I even had to start a new game, because my hacking ability wasn't high enough for me to by pass a security locked door.

I do wish this game was more forthcoming with it's praxis points, and gave you more options when spending them. I so badly wanted to unlock all of my augmentations in this game.
I would of loved to become invisible, or fall from a great distance with no fear of taking damage. But I need those points for other, more important things. I would of have hated having to restart my game again a third time.

I hope for a sequel. Maybe with a more open world to travel and explore. More freedom with your ability points. But who knows, keep your fingers crossed. Maybe we'll get some cool DLC's.

I give this game a 9, out of 10. A great game. Check it out.