Deus Ex 3 is a good game, but sadly, is not finished.

User Rating: 6.5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC
I thought this game was gonna be the coolest thing ever. Sneaking around and finding cool places. But, when I played this game, I couldn't stop but say, "Why did they release this?" Ill explain in a sec.

Deus Ex 3 is set 5 years or so before the first Deus Ex. You play as Adam Jensen, an ex-cop who gets in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up getting a buttload of augmentations to keep him alive. I thought this was a bit predictable because c'mon, why wouldnt they spend millions to keep an ex-cop alive? The story in all is pretty intriguing, but it doesnt keep you interested in the characters at all. The characters seem like they should be cared about, but when someone "important" dies, you just shrug and say "Whatever." I hated this because I like to be connected to my characters, like Shephard in Mass Effect. The boss fights are really what made me angry. The developer said a while back that you could go through the entire game without killing anybody. He lied, these boss fight that were seemingly just thrown in there, ruin the pace of the game and make it seem like its another first person shooter.

The graphics. Boy was I blown how bad they were. What year is it? The graphics in this game are AWFUL. The textures have no textures. The walls and everything else seem to be unfinished. Theyre just polygons with no texture at all. Only color. The art design however was cool, because cyberpunk is cool. But, when there isnt any depth to the environment, why release the game? And the face animations. They. Suck. They dont even move their face when the characters talk. They only move their mouths and have no emotion on their face whatsoever. Even at the max, Deus Ex 3 looks close to Deus Ex 2. The graphics are without a doubt, unfinished.

Now the gameplay is OK at least. The only thing is, the "You have a bunch of ways to progress though the quest" is a lie. The only logical way to play through this game is to sneak around. I fyou barge in guns a blazin', youll get screwed over. You get super low health, even though youre an augmented supersoldier, and the ammo in this game is f***ing rediculous. Say a guy is shooting at you and he shoots a few clips before you kill him. You go to pick up his ammo and he has a max of 8 bullets on him. What the what? I would think soldiers would keep a few more clips on him. Even if he didnt shoot at you (people reading this, thinking that they shot all of their ammo) they still carry almost no ammo, making the run 'n' gun option completely useless. Though I have to say, I do love how they still kept the whole Deus Ex feel, like the mix of RPG and FPS stuff.

All in all, Deus Ex: Human revolution is an unfinished RPG FPS that should never have been released so early. Even with the patch, it didnt really do anything besides speed up the load times a little. The devs were even going to add an entirely new city, but, they had no time because they wanted to release it so damn early.

I would reccommend this to nobody.



Most of this review gets it wrong, but there are some correct points in it too. First of all :

Yes, the ammo handling and health is "f***ing" difficult, but it is meant to be that way. After all this game is a game with emphasis on Stealht, and not a conventionel linear FPS. You can blaze your way through many of the combat situations in the game, but it is deliberatedly made difficult to do so, because the game wants you to use (mainly) stealth and tactics, and that is a very good thing (but yes : the game IS difficult, but isn´t a difficult game, more interesting than an eays one ? Of course difficult should be within limits and not too frustrating, but hey : that is what the different difficulty levels settings are for). The criticism of the games Graphics are also off the mark. The graphic are generally well crafted and original, while helping to keep up that specific "deus ex" feeling. However I mu st say that I tend to agree on the criticism regarding the characters in the game. The above statement of : "The story in all is pretty intriguing, but it doesnt keep you interested in the characters at all" is at least partly right and so is some of the criticism regarding the facial animations. They are not bad, but not very good either, and certainly not up to the same standard as in f.eks. Mass Effect. All in all Deus Ex III is a truly great RPG/FPS hybrid game with regard to the overall story; gameplay elements; and setting/World of the game, but I do feel that more effort could have been put into details of the story and into the characters of the game. But together with the two earlier Deus Ex titles and the Mass Effect series, it is certainly one of the best Sci-Fi themed games ever...!


LoL, no son. It's a great game, go troll somewhere else.