A good game with a good story, but not a masterpeice.

User Rating: 8 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
It got decent reviews from professionals, and it deserves decent reviews, not great, game of the year scores, like many people gave it here.

I played through the whole game and found it interesting how you could approach things differently, but I did not think it was very revolutionary as some indicate. The game tends to lead you in the way of hacking and stealth, and you must use cover, much like you would in the real world. But enemy AI is not very good, so instead of them looking for you where they just saw you, if you are in cover they may give up and meander around till the alert level drops.

The level ups, while OK, never let me feel much more powerful, but simply opened some other options, which is fine.

The game if fun to play, and for the most part interesting. I thought the story was well done, and kept me going to the end. The controls are OK, but nothing great. There are some frustrating parts, like the boss battles, where they can do things you cannot.
(SPOILER) For instance, the second Boss attacks and then need to recharge, but recharges under cloak. Cloak usually drains batteries so that seemed silly.
The insane people at the end, who run like zombies, if they start hitting you it is not easy to get away, which I thought was a little silly.
And the final boss battle was extremely frustrating when I tried to fight with my guns, but way too easy when I hacked the pod console and stood on a section that couldn't get electrified. There were a few occasions during boss battles where I just kept repeating "stupid, stupid, stupid". (END SPOILERS)

Also the ammunition was not very plentiful, I mean I never ran out, but if you scavenge it from enemies you never get alot. I mean, while they are shooting at you they have endless supplies, but if you incapacitate them quickly you may get 5 bullets. So you need to gather any time you can.

But in the end, it is a decent game. If you are into reading, you may like it more, as there are alot of newspapers, E-mails, and E-books scattered around to help you immerse yourself into the story atmosphere. I like action more so read little of these things.

Summery: A good game, but not great.