Phenomenal story and fun gameplay with only minor issues.

User Rating: 9 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
I waited until I beat this game to bother putting up a review. I had to sit back and take in exactly what was just spelled out before me. This conspiracy plot, combined with all its twists and turns, is extremely well-written. I expected the story to be good, and even when I predicted what would happen next, it was done in such a way that the game continued to be intriguing. This is one of the better designed stories I've played through. While I do have qualms with the endings, I won't spoil those here.

The game itself was entertaining as hell. It was clear that a lot of time was spent to ensure that the gameplay was where it needed to be. It could be a cover shooter when it needed to be. It could be a stealth game. It could be an RPG. And it was all those things at once. I was supremely impressed and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have played countless games where I pushed to finish it and got bored. Deus Ex: Human Revolution never once bored me. I played it for hours straight after work, not wanting to stop, and I plowed through it because it was fun and the story was riveting. That's a winning combination.

I played my first playthrough on hard after hearing about the problems with the AI. While I do agree the AI tends to be pretty stupid, it wasn't horrid, I thought it was alright. It was very similar in style to a metal gear game with the AI, making you rely on stealth or get bum rushed. That's not to say you couldn't go run and gun, because you could, but you had to be careful how you went about it, and dwindling the numbers before you did was wise. Ultimately, on hard, every mistake you made was amplified because of how quickly you died. A few bullets and it was over, even with max augmentations in armor. So, a minor detraction, but I still found it fun (apparently on lower difficulties it's considerably easier and the AI is even dumber. I suggest playing on hard (Give me Deus Ex))

As I'm sure everyone has read the Gamespot review, I don't need to repeat all the garbage about the details of the game. You know what's going on. You know what to expect. I'll tell you where I disagree with them and some points of discussion:

Boss Fights: I thought the boss fights were fine. Of COURSE they broke the choice of the game. A boss fight is a boss fight. Even MGS had them. The choices for how to get to them were great, giving you multiple routes and plenty of options for how you wanted to get the job done, but the boss fights required you to fight like a shooter. No big deal!

However, there was an issue with the boss fights in that the fighting style of the enemies practically forces you to save Praxis points before the boss battle so that you can get the right things to not make the boss fight STUPIDLY hard. The fights themselves were entertaining, if not horribly difficult once you figured out the pattern, but the design decision to make some augmentations practically required was a little annoying.

Augmentations: I found all of them were greatly useful. Nothing seemed pointless and the game designers did a great job in making every skill important.

Load Times: This confused me in Gamespots review. I found the load times to be rather quick. Less than 10 seconds in most cases. Sure, it's not instant, but it loaded quickly enough that I didn't get bored waiting on it to load.


In the end, know this: Deus Ex is a fantastic game. The story should make you want to complete it, period. However, the gameplay is no slouch, even where AI struggles to be smart or some iffy design decisions basically requires you to get certain augmentations. In the end, the game is absolutely worth playing and is easily a contender for Game of the Year in my mind. Play it.