User Rating: 10 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
Square enix and edios are amzing together....i was super excited to see what square enix and edois were gonna come up with cause they didnt show much in the trailer but i know square enix and they NEVER disapoint what they do is amazing but this game is soo great on so many levels .... graphics for one are stunning... the way you can choose your own path by what you ask and or say is one thing i love about this game and all the crazy **** you will be able to do, i m not that far into the game yet cause i just got it but i can say it is one that was soo worth the wait! ... so excited to get back on and play some more!! if you have any thought or debation about buying this game stop and just go buy it already!!! you wont be dissapointed..... and i really dont wanna hear someone doubting this game the only thing bad about it is if your on a harder difficulty your enemies will be harder to shoot!.... so ya grab the game and a 12 of beer and enjoy!!