If Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted and Mass Effect threw a party with a cyberpunk theme; They would call it Deus Ex: HR

User Rating: 8.5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
Anyone who ever read or watched the Gamespot review knows what Kevin said about this game. And probably for the first time ever, I'm agreeing 100% with a GS review. This game is totally a 8.5. You have to play this game as a whole entity to overlook its flaws (which in my opinion, are minor to moderate at best).

The worst gripe I have with this game, which prevents me from giving it a higher score, is the inconsistent AI. It can get very frustrating, when enemies become hostile, they have perfect accuracy, even if they have a 10mm Pistol from across a huge warehouse, they'll hit nearly 100% of the time if you're not covered. Or...enemies are extremely dumb, they'll sometimes walk away from you completely during hostile, back turned and all, giving you a chance to takedown.

-Immersive world with many hidden surprises to be found.
-Gameplay is varied, mixing stealth, NPC interaction and action in various forms.
-Voice-acting, sound and soundtrack are excellent.
-The choices you make have impact on the world and how well you play.

-Inconsistent AI, based on the examples I've seen so far.
-Boss battles make your choices on how you play obsolete.
-Facial expressions, animations could be better. Graphics as well.