Bringing A Old Game New Life, Deus Ex Human Revolution Is One Of The Best Games Of 2011 A Must Play For Anyone.

User Rating: 10 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC
I have been a fan of Deus Ex since the first game came out in 2001, and the third installment doesn't disappoint, Square Enix and Eidos bring you something slick, modern and totally amazing we break it down for you.

Packaging: I purchased the Augmented edition of the game, the game comes in a boxed paper at design with a smooth gloss finish with black and gold , i found its one up from the metal great solid 4 box and one of the most beautiful game collection boxes I have to date. The game comes in a fold out DVD style booklet also mat finish, the art book is hardcover with great artwork.

Graphics: The art style and graphics in the game are amazing, places seem lived in, and you feel right at home , graphics are crisp and clean, and shadows, lighting feel right for all the right places.

Sound: Also amazing. music score is techno dark, just like the other games in the series but feel right at place, gun and voices are great.

Gameplay: Everything you want in a stealth game with multiple choices, keyboard and game pads for the pc feel right and well formulated for the game style. There are plenty of missions, people to talk to and things to shoot. objectives and routes can be completed in more then one way.

I can't say this enough that you have to play the game to live a great story, and a great game, I do not share Gamespots score of 8.5 as I give it a 10, although most will give it a 9 or above, im a die hard fan and can't help but give it a 10 for everything it has to offer.