Like Alpha Protocol meets Hitman, set in the future.

User Rating: 8.5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
Well I've only played this game for about 2 hours now but I can tell that it does have a lot of substance. Here are few things:

-Limited ammo( if you're a bad shot you WILL find yourself out of ammo against a lot of enemies and there is no melee attack besides take downs)
-Unique build( not everyone who plays this will have the same character, in fact it took me over an hour just to gain 1 stat point, which can go into over a dozen unique abilities.)
-Non-linear storyline( if you mess up an interrogation you could lose a mission objective but still be able to proceed)
-Good graphics, smooth controls, smart A.I. and nice background music keeps this game interesting.

The only cons that I can see so far is perhaps the amount of damage taken; you can die REALLY fast if you don't take cover. Of course you can boost your health with many items such as health nutri-bars and beer etc., while improving your stats to take reduced damage. If you rush into a swarm of enemies early in the game they will take you down.