Been looking for a while...finally found it!

User Rating: 9 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
Deus ex it's a great in all most every aspect.

The core of this game is that it does it all: stealth, computer hacking, role-playing and nice pace combat...and it does it good!

First the plot it's simply amazing, i love science fiction, specially the one that's shadowrun/cyberpunk style and contains complex relations and moral choices. Also the feeling that society its on the edge of civil war it's very cool.

If you don't know, deus ex it's a sequel of the original deus ex. The story is ambiented in a non-distant future where there's war between corporations and men can get biomechanical enhancements called "augmentations".

When you accomplish a mission you gain experience, experience gives you praxis, an praxis develops augmentation. Augments give you special abilities, that will depend on your game approach, by example if you like a stealth play style, you will develop augments related to stealth that will give you invisibility, silent movement, etc.

Gameplay sucks you in because you can accomplish almost every mission the way you like (except for the boos fights), on a direct hardcore gun aproach or in a stealth smart way.

Music it's very good and does a good job giving a futuristic sensation, but clearly it's not great as other games (such as heavy rain).

Visuals are great and immerses you in this great world, lots of black and gold gives you a balderunners sense of future, and little details during gameplay complements this fulfilling experience.

The bad: long loading times to move to one scenario to another.Also those times a very frequent and that sucks you out.