Great and fun game. hit the spot right with the cyberpunk atmosphere.

User Rating: 8 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC
Deus Ex, is a great and fun game. i greatly enjoyed the uniqe atmosphere and plotline.
It took me a while to adjust from the usual shoot em up gameplay to a more sneak mindset.
the game expect you to think before you act. its not the usual hit this button to do that where you can go blindly through the story. the more you think and plan before you act the better your expirence and result will be.

the game hit it right in most aspects it does misses a few others on my opinion.
the sidequests derails the game from the main plot line and disturb the pace.
the way aguments work it praxis points and abilities work, it encourage you to derail from the main questline and go on a hacking spree which breaks immersion. because if you do not do that you are nerfing yourself.

the main problem is the way the lore is presented to you in the game. you are playing a character who is assumed to know the world and everyone yet you are forced to read random ebooks and computer emails in order to learn about who is who and what is what. this breaks the pace and immersion of the game and nerf your abilities to make correct decisons and understand what is going on. many times in the game my character spoke of groups in people like he knows a awful lot about them while i was clueless. and was led to false assumptions. and felt i was being led by the hand because of it.

Secondary problem is equipment and ammunitation. if you play the game the way its meant to be play there will be no problems with equipment and ammunitation. however the way ammunitation and weapons are handled is unimmersive. you can buy limited amount of ammo and when you pick it from enemies they give you a ridiculous amount of ammo. from 1-4 bullets! if at all. this is a ridiculous way to handle this part. if you enjoy shooting. it forces you stock up on ammunitation and even carry two weapons.

in the game you are playing someone with access to high spec and money yet you are forced to scavange for equipment and money around. this is laughable and immersion breaking part.

overall a great game but falls down to forcing you to stockup equipment and grind for exp points to make the most of the game. and derail from the story for sidequests.

highly reccomendable. maybe better with a trainer..