It is your choice Adam

User Rating: 9 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes place in a future. Protagonist Adam Jensen becomes swept up in a globe-spanning conspiracy hinging on powerful - and dangerous - augmentation technology. After the prologue where you meet certain characters the sh*t hits the fan and at the end of it Jensen lays mortally wounded on an operating table, receiving an involuntarily hands - and legs, and lungs, and eyes - on crash course in humanity's future in the post-human era.

The majority of Human Revolution involves Jensen's quest to unravel that conspiracy through missions spinning off of main city hubs all over the world. But you will not do this without the help of your enhancements, augmentations. As the game progress you will collect the so called Praxis points, points that you can spend on certain augmentations. This has a great impact on the gameplay because you choose what your playstyle is going to be eventually. Do you want to be a hacker, no lock or vault is save from you, a player who will get anywhere? a stealth player with the ability to become invisible? or a combination of hacking and stealth? Do you want to be that bad-ass with all the heavy guns and hit enemies behind walls? it is your choise to make.

This kind of decisions you rarely see in gaming. The only one I can think of is at this moment is Dishonored and that was released a year later. You do not only choose what your play style is but in some conversations you can get a choice out of four possible answers. for example: A guy takes a girl hostage, he will shoot her, that is not his intention but he will if you come to close. now we have the power of speech, in this kind of moments you must choose what to say. will you save the girl then be you must go into the compassionate answers, if you don't care you can choose aggressive answers. this also has effect later on in the game. The choice is yours to make.

The world where you are in gives you a lot of places to discover and to explore. there are hidden side quest everywhere. maby quests that can give you benefits later on in missions.
The world where you play in gives you that cyber-punk feel and you feel like a badass with you powers.

The controls of this game are really excellent and the sounds and the original soundtrack is just astonishing, but there are a couple of flaws in this game:
First of the graphics. The game came out in 2011 why wasn't it build on the unreal engine? and where the physics not done by the havok engine? because the animation and the graphics looks dated. the world looks great with there yellow glow but the characters don't. the voice acting is good but when characters speak, it is Ps2 all over again. and that is a shame.

Second: the boss fights. I don's want to spoil anything but if you are facing a normal guard that is way more harder then a boss fight.


The final boss I finished that in 20 sec with the laser cannon. that is a damn shame!!!!!

The game is well executed, the world where you play in is just great. the art design is wonderful. The way you can choose the way you play is just a blast. you can spend around 40 or more hours in this game with multiple playthroughs. the downsides are: it graphics and his boss fights. but if you can look through does flaws you got a fantastic game that is worth playing