Way too easy....

User Rating: 8 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link PC
I played "Deus Ex Human Revolution" and I enjoyed it and I said to myself : Let's give it a try with the Missing Links", though I read some bad reviews of it. Well, they were right. The gameplay is just the same as in the DEX H.R., but I think the producers failed because it's too easy. You see what happened during the three days Jensen spent on that vessel which was to take him to China. Well, it has the same praxis upgrades and the same stealth, but what i reproach it tis the fact is too easy and too short. And the story is so predictable. And the BOSS? What boss? There's so no at all. OK, it has some good parts, but it's an "unfinished business" this game, well DLC. If you like the Deus Ex atmosphere, it's all right, but it doesn't bring anything to the story.
The graphics are like tin the main game and the music is awesome.