What could have been a great game hampered by a lack of vision and quite honestly a dumb ending *****SPOILER *****

User Rating: 7 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link PC
Ok... first a note to UBIsoft... offering no option but for your character to die at the end kinda limits what you can do with expansion sets. They could have spun out expansion sets into this world for the next few years. Deus EX: private detective, Deus EX: Merc, Deus ex, gangster, etc... they didn't have to be the main character.

This has the makings of a good solid game but I wish they borrowed some of the gameplay mechanics from the last splinter cell games. Fortunately, this game doesn't suffer from the endless cinematics that are the cancer that most other UBIsoft games seem to suffer from.

Personally I would have preferred more complex missions and more time spent in the urban environments but that's me. The game is good, the plot is ok, there needs to be more to do in the game and the NPCs need to be a little more interactive.

What kills me about this is that if you look at UBIsoft's catelog of games they have some of the better franchises out there... but they always kind of FXXX it up. Not sure why... the splintercell games have one of the best movement systems out there... why don't they use it in all the games? No idea. Playing this game after the last splintercell is like driving a truck after driving a sports car.