The most frusterating game that ive ever loved!

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Ive only just started playing Deus Ex and have only just gotten past the boss fight with Barrett. I simply love this game and the style that it brings to play. Ive been playing a straight up shoot now, ask questions later style as oppose to the more stealthy sneaky way (except for when stealthiness is needed I.E. in the police station getting to the morgue).

This game frusterates me to no end because im playing on the hard difficulty and the game is pretty tough, especially when your not supposed to kill anyone during a quest. There has been many times that i just sat there cursing due to dying continuously lol. Games nowadays seem too easy like Mass Effect, the game was far too easy and did not take much time or strategy at all to beat it. Even on the hard difficulty.

But with that being said, im loving this game so far, the graphics are cool, the gameplay is wicked, the style and augmentation systems are outstanding. Kudos once again to SquareEnix for another great game!

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The credit goes to eidos montreal, know your classics son. S uare enix didn't develop this, merely published it.