Double-T/Cloak and Daggers glitch

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wtf is this ish!?!

I just raided the gangster apartment in the Cloak & Daggers mission killing 5 gangsters, only to find that Double-T spawned 87 meters away in the distance. I've looked through youtube, and most times, the glitch causes a 5th gang member to spawn in the wall next to the room and it's fairly easy to get around. I also saw the workaround where you snipe at that spot in the distance with the sniper rifle or tranq rifle (although the spot was a little more to the left in the video). I only have the tranq rifle but it doesn't appear to be hitting anything.

Here is the screenshot:

Any way around this glitch? i.e. through console or something?

Assuming you can't get around the glitch, what impact does not completing this mission have on my game? Does it have repurcussions in the storyline later on? That would suck royally.

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Solved, for anyone wondering.

I used a similar strategy to the one in this video:

Initially, Double-T spawned at 87 metres making him unreachable. So I reloaded to a past save (several saves back) and tried it again, this time he was around 50 metres away. I started firing at his position from the balcony using my smg. He started to get closer. When he came closer, I threw 3 concussion grenades at his position, causing him to fall down a floor (if you don't throw the grenades he'll fall in another hole and respawn 120 metres away somewhere, making him unreachable again). The rest was the same as in the video. Then just taser him when he clips through the wall.

The balcony I'm referring to is this one: