At Tai Young Medical how to defeat the 2 huge bosses ?

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I've escaped from the penthouse and now I need to meet Malik at the helipad. The 2 bosses guarding seem to be impossible to defeat. I might have the wrong weapons. HELP.

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Use stealth. Takedowns net you 50 exp, taser nets u 30, and shooting people dead only gets you 20.

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If you have spare praxis kits get the robot domination one (you'll need two as you'll have to buy the turret domination one first, unless you already have it). Opposite the entrance there is a room in each corner at the top of the hangar with a bridge connecting them, the one on the left has the security console that lets you shut down the robots with robot domination. You'll have to stack boxes to get it, but I think there's a staircase on the other side of the hangar. There's also a rocket launcher somewhere on the hangar floor. Or use a fully upgraded typhoon if you have ammo