Not justifiable as a second purchase, and rather short-sighted.

User Rating: 5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut PS3

I had many reservations regarding the design of Deus Ex: Human Revolution when it first came out, as I detailed in my original review, but the game certainly did strike a chord and resonate with me as it is one of those immersive, meaningful experiences with a deeply political and believable story, perfectly-written and interesting characters, and a haunting, atmospheric soundtrack. When the Director's Cut was announced I decided to give it another go.

The DC has its own set of trophies, which are identical as the original release, but it also contains the trophies from the Missing Link expansion, which is the main addition to this version - and it's also the biggest problem I have with it.

One of my gripes with the original version was that it was far too long and featured levels that were very similar to each other. The only real visible atmosphere in DE: HR is in the City Hub scenes, while the actual levels are quite generic and indistinguishable. How do you make this more tedious? Add two more levels, of course?

And not only that, but the Missing Link addition is very, very long. It slows the story down and sidetracks the momentum. On the previous edition the Missing Link trophies did not count towards the Platinum as they were part of the DLC, but here, as part of the full game, they do. And one of the Missing Link trophies is to complete those levels using no weapons or Praxis kits, which is damn near impossible.

As a DLC these extra levels naturally started you off with zero Praxis upgrades since it was a stand-alone story. As part of the Director's Cut it means that all of the upgrades that you have worked for have been unfairly robbed of you. And that Foxiest of Hounds trophy, which is won if you make it through the entire game without setting off any alarms, is made even harder now that the Missing Link levels are included. Not only does the game not tell you or help you keep track of levels with alarms, but expanding it with these very long and difficult Missing Link missions is just plain cruel, or perhaps just very lazy if the developers didn't consider this.

Other differences are slightly modified boss battles, and (apparently) improved graphics, though I didn't notice any, if anything I noticed more glitches, and the low-res cloud detail in the sky still looks like it was made for a 1998 era CD-ROM. But of all the so-called improvements made to this DC they missed out THE most important one of all.


And you know what that means, kiddies! That's right, many, long, long loading times. What were they thinking? Again, this is either out of cruelty, or it's just plain short-sighted laziness.

I do recommend Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the story, music, and atmosphere. But if you really want to experience it then go for the original release. This DC is a huge misjudgement.

Graphics B
Sound A
Gameplay B-
Lasting Appeal D