This game is way underrated. It keeps me wondering why not much people own it.

User Rating: 9 | Destruction Derby 64 N64
Smashing cars! ● The multiplayer is awesome. ● The controls are realistic. ● 4 Player multiplayer. ● You can go tire smoking :3
The frame-rate can bug a little. Especially when your playing the full courses at multiplayer. ● The AI can't tell the difference between the road and the wall.
I borrowed this game from a friend. Because I had to fix up his controllers. When we were done, he showed me this game. I was like: oowh. So we started playing.
We could only play it for a moment, because he had to go home. So I started with the single-player. I begun with the time-trial, because I was fairly new to the game. Immedienly I got this great sence of speed while playing. The controls are pretty good. At sometimes stiff, but still awesome.
The drifting works great. Almost as good as in LEGO racers on the same console. When you hold it, and push the control stick left or right, you can actually tire smoke. :3
The AI is OK. A lot of times like in the multiplayer you find them crash against the walls faster then you can say arnold swartsnegger, or something like that. I seriously don't know how to spell that name. (Dammit..)
But when my friend came the next day, we found out the multiplayer is really good. Actually better then the single-player. I loved it. Also, the Bomb-tag and Deathmatch modes are probably the best modes i've ever seen in a racing game. It's really adrenaline giving and really fun to play.
The frame-rate is kinda slow. It's about 45-50FPS at all time. You'll probably get used to it, but it is still a small dissapointment. Especially when playing on full courses with 4 players. The bomb-tag has a 50FPS at all times. Even with 4 players. It rocks.
Capture the flag just plain sucks. It sounds pretty good, but the gameplay is just not made for it. The levels for it are too small, and it all just does not feel natural. Deathrace lags like crap. But it's still kinda cool. You could almost see it as a predecessor to burnout. Deathmatch is just smashing eachothers cars and scoring points. It's fun and it feels great to smash into the rear of the others car at 120 miles an hour.
My friend wants to add it's also a small dissapointment you can't just race against eachother without the smashing and stuff.
Me and my friends had so much fun playing this game. I'm not afraid to say it. It's the best multiplayer racing game i've ever seen.
Me and my friends had so much fun playing this game. I'm not afraid to say it. It's the best multiplayer racing game i've ever seen. Controls are pretty realistic , and works great.
The graphics look kinda good, but the framerate makes you frown for a moment.
SOUNDS: 8/10
Smashing cars. Enough said.
MUSIC: 8/10
Great. It are pretty simple tunes, but it's still awesome. It puts you in the good mood for blowing up your friends cars. :D
GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10
THIS is why you should buy the game. It's so much fun, it makes you want to hug your N64. Not too hard, or maybe you'll need to buy a new expansion pak :3