Destruction Derby 2 Cheats For PC

  1. Change point of wiew

    While holding ENTER, press UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT arrows to control the camera.

  2. Championship Codes

    Go to championship mode and type this codes:

    Code Effect
    MACSrPOO All the tracks unlocked
    CREDITZ! Animated credits
    ToNyPaRk FMV credits

Destruction Derby 2 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Unlockable Tracks

    To Unlock These Three Tracks, Reach Enough Division In Championship Mode.

    Code Effect
    Reach Division 3 In Championship Mode Black Sail Valley
    Reach Division 2 In Championship Mode Liberty City
    Reach Division 1 In Championship Mode Ultimate Destruction
  2. Misc. Passwords

    Enter the following as your name:

    Code Effect
    !DAMAGE! Invulnerability
    ToNyPaRk View FMV
    MACSrPOO Unlock All Tracks
    CREDITZ! View Credits