Destroy All Humans= FUN!

User Rating: 7 | Destroy All Humans! PS2

Destroy all humans is an average game on its own, its score would probably be 6 or 5 if it wasn't for the hilarious dialogue, abilities that let you make humans do foolish things, the whole subject of alien invasion, and the anal probe!

You play as Cryptosporidium 137, an alien sent to earth to harvest DNA, the game is set in the 1950's and will have you destroying humans cities and cows in 50's America. The gameplay is very simple yet effective, and laugh out loud funny. You can blow things up with your weapons, float things around using crypto's mind powers, fly around with crypto's jet pack , read peoples minds, walk around disguised as a human, explode peoples heads and take there brains, jump in crypto's flying saucer and destroy whole towns, abduct people, ANAL PROBE!

There are five open world maps for you to run around causing mayhem, the games run and gun gameplay would be boring if it wasn't so fun! As you play you unlock upgrades for your weapons and your flying saucer that can be bought from Orthopox 13 the mastermind of the invasion. You swap the upgrades for DNA, you get the DNA from human brains, to get brains you must run around causing people's heads to explode in a cloud of green goo. This sounds disgusting, it is disgusting but in a funny way and this is just one way DAH is funny. Sometimes you will read peoples minds, to gather information or just to have a laugh, when you read a mind you get this pop up of what there thinking. And this is another way DAH is funny. The humans are constantly blaming communism for all the alien activity and a group of agents called Majestic (who I believe are a skit of the Men in Black) who are trying to cover up the invasion and at the same time hunt down Crypto.

Even with all this fun there are some glitches that can be really annoying. Bizarre physics, frame rate dips, objects clipping through each other, even freezes! Thank god that the freezes are rare and only occur when tons of stuff are happening at the same time. Clunky movement, low draw distance, and so on, DAH can be a very glitchy piece of software when it wants to be. Its also quite a short game, I had it finished in two days, there are things for you to do after you complete the story, Side challenge's such as racing a heard of cows, gathering a certain amount of DNA before the timer runs down and that sort of thing, but these are not all that entertaining and you will probably get bored of them fast. You can also collect probe's but they're hard to find and the rewards are less than worth it. Killing humans is the only real fun thing the game game has left to offer, and it can get repetitive after awhile.

Its because of all the witty things about DAH that save it, the dialogue is superb, the characters say, think and do funny things, the voice actors do a great job. The graphics are OK but could have been better, on the other hand there are five open world maps so it could have been worse. The story is alright but not very impressive, the whole alien invasion in 50's America setting is put together well and the exaggerated stereotypes of the time can be very funny So considering everything, Destroy all humans is a good game but its because of the comedy, subject and ANAL PROBE!