Ps4, SHAOLIN, Guardians of the last city.

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Hello there fellow guardians. I am reaching out to all those people on Ps4 to come join us in the epic adventure that will be Destiny. Our clan is called SHAOLIN and we are searching for the best and most dedicated players to help us push back the Darkness and reclaim what is rightfully ours.

The clan was formed for like minded community players to come share their enthusiasm for Destiny and to make friendships that will last throughout the games lifespan and beyond. If you are friendly and enjoy PVE and PVP then here you can swap Psn id's and form fireteams for skirmishes, raids, and crucible games.

Everyone is very friendly here and we have players from all over the globe, from Australia to the UK so there will always be someone to group up with and have fun with. We also have a group forum full of great info, from guides to where to find dead ghosts, to how to earn glimmer quickly. We have already gained over 45 members within our first week and hope to continue growing quickly and be strong for release.

Part of the fun of games with loot isn't just when you get something awsome but also when your friend's do. I also love working out how to beat thing's and love thinking out of the box so to speak to get though tough situations. I would really love to have company throughout this game and build good memories with good people and have fun while doing it. Really cant wait for both the pve/ and pvp content.

There's a place for everyone, from casual to hardcore we welcome you all and hope to see you in game on the 9th.