Only on consoles, thus no mouse, thus no thanks

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Good article about Titanfall and Destiny. I've immediately added Titanfall to my watchlist, then when I looked Destiny up to add it, I found out there is no PC version planned. So I really don't care if it's going to be the best shooter since sliced bread. Guess what, Bungie? I have stopped playing FPSs with a gamepad since Halo 1 and Killzone 1. I simply have not touched any of the awesome FPSs released only on consoles, and I own both, PS3 and X360. Oh yes, I do. But it is a matter of principle: I do NOT play FPSs without a mouse and keyboard. Period.

So maybe yes to Titanfall, definitely no to Destiny. No, but no thanks.

And yeah, happy profits from folks who think they're saving money by buying a console rather than a gaming PC, then buying overpriced, aim-assisted games for it. Hah!

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You're just jealous! that's it =)

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madness aside,i agree with your central point of argument