Looks pretty bland too me

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Pretty uninteresting direction for Bungie to go with, yet another sci fi fps game series...Yeah I really cant say Bungie is cut out for triple A games anymore hell halo was only Triple A with The first game and halo 3, the rest just made for mp which makes them garbage games in general.

This is one gen I will be doing a lot of renting than buying. This game is a rent only so far, the graphics look pretty bad honestly, bigger maps doesn't always make for better games. The particle effects in this game look last gen, the models dont look even up to par with current gen either. They have been making this game for far too long and it has suffered greatly from this. They are not using true next gen tech, like frost bite 3 or anything like that. No destructive environments, no blood and gore, this game looks pathetic.

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the game showed is not final so no one can talk about this game sucks, this game graphics suck, it is not a final product so stop complaining before you have real facts...

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You are an idiot then, the game is pretty much finished no way in hell does it takes this many years to make a game no matter how big. The graphics we see in it now is the finished product. If they wanted this to sell they should have had this playable upon next gen release.

Bungie is no longer a company I care about.

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i would say it looks a bit clean,rather than bland and since i really give no f*ck about the graphics,it's not a problem for me at all.And i would be surprised if an MMO/single player hybrid had top notch graphics...